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About us

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is cast in Jiangxi province directly under the provincial institutions, is an important force in the party and government to the development of science and technology. The Ministry of science and technology project of its subordinate is specialized in providing professional consultation and agency service for enterprises and institutions. Nanchang Jin Xuan Technology Co., Ltd. is the Jiangxi provincial science and technology consulting service center of scientific and technological project entities operating units.

is integration developed on the basis of the work of the Department of science and technology project of Jiangxi Provincial Science and technology consulting service center, Jiangxi and constant technology limited liability company (established in 2004), Jiangxi journalist Information Technology Co., Ltd., three units of the professional agent company, is so far in Jiangxi Province with the industry less some large-scale operation of professional agents.

The company has state-level judges headlining the expert consultant team, dedication of the nanny service team, and by the industry professionals consisting of professional technical team, to risk proxy mode service to enterprises, with a high success rate, long-term cooperation, mutual trust and win-win for business characteristics, to revitalize the economy of Jiangxi Province as its mission, to become the industry benchmark and serve the economic development as the goal, for the enterprises in Jiangxi Province to provide quality reporting consulting and agency services, and enterprises in Jiangxi Province to grow together.